Mid - priced solid that looks and sound classy. Rugged and dependable like most things Australian.

1,499.00 AUD

Richly figured Ovangkol is used to make this beauty. You will be enchanted by the elegant look and her dark matured sound. Also available in a dreadnaught cutaway with Fishman pickup.

649.00 AUD

Czech made stunning Tri-Cone resonator at a fraction of the National price and no sacrifice tonally. Complete with case its the perfect guitar for blues and ragtime. Pearl Headstock, and action perfect for either fingerpicking or slide playing, this is not easily acheived, and this guiytar...

2,500.00 AUD

Like to teach yourself guitar? We can thoroughly recommend "Progressive Rhythm Guitar" by Gary Turner and Brenton White. It is a comprehensive, lesson by lesson method covering all aspects of rhythm guitar; with special emphasis on rock styles, rhythm patterns and techniques, playing in a group...

39.95 AUD

Take a great little soprano uke in either all Koa or mahogany with a solid mahogany top, with pick up and tuner built in and a hard stylish case, throw in a tasty little all wood uke stand - sell the items together and what do you have? A Guitars Plus Ukulele 'this goes with that' all time...

299.00 AUD


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