2nd Hand

Acoustic Lap steel par excellence, this is made from Australian Blackwood - the closest timber to traditional Hawaian Koa, both tonally and apearence wise. This baby is ready to go and gig with - hard case and WBM pickup already fitted.
Neck Australian Blackwood Fingerboard Australian...

2,500.00 AUD

Gloss finished natural all solid mahogany brother to the more traditional Style 4 and to some players a bigger sound - absolutely fabulous tone and a genuinely worthwhile addition to any guitarists tone pallet!
The Weissenborn Hawaiian steel, a platapus among guitars to the uninitiated, is...

1,500.00 AUD

Great British Tone from this authentic sounding all valve amp. Would make a very good harp amp, and it has spring reverb also. $629 (were $799) and at this price it is a veritable bargain!!

629.00 AUD

Cute old mainland USA made uke from the Schierson Brothers, San Francisco workshops. Restored in our store this nearly 100 year old beauty is a stunner and the tone is superb.

500.00 AUD

#3 of 50. Perfect Condition virtually as new - a credit to Maton and their craftsmen - one of the tastiest Australian guitars ever made. Truly scrumptious! Maton have done several Anniversary models over the last decade or two, however this one is often considered the top of the tree!

Deceiving retro looks make this high quality axe a surprise package. Has mini humbuckers in a strat configatation with a silky smooth Wilinson bridge and locking heads.

Nice sub species of National. Valco were made in Chicago and were owned by National. Good one pickup lap that has vintage class and tone tone tone! Wrongly designated as a 1960 - it is actually made in 1948 - has 1947 pot codes.

1,250.00 AUD

An 18 year old arch top that has been completely refurbished at the workshops of Woodtone. Stunning workmanship and two tones can be easily obtained by dint of switching string types; bronzes for a big piano,open flat - top sound, or flatwounds for that warm neck tone favoured by countless jazz...

7,500.00 AUD

Big heavy and powerfull, we are putting a fresh set of castors on to facilitate mobility. Great opportunity for a young band that wants a cheap powerfull bass unit. Japanese made and has DI and parametric etc.

450.00 AUD

Japanese high quality solid body in a tele style - seldom seen in this country. It has the hallmarks of a highend - bespoke guitar including; recessed bridge with rear access, three way tilt neck humbucker with sturdy push on push off coil tap, snazzy volume control that is easy accessed for...

1,295.00 AUD


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