Katoh Stage Custom

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This stunning looking classical / electric is remarkable for it's looks and sound, not to mention playability. Thin body with a 'foldback' sound hole in the upper bout - bass side enable the player to hear the sound that you normally wouldn't. It has a Fishman mic/blend system and is possibly the best of it's kind. A slightly curved hybrid neck profile makes it suitable for the non classical guitarist - as well as being comfortable for the traditional player. The mic system maked percussive tapping easy and the overall look and performance of this remarkable instrument is quite stunning.
Lots of interest in this unique guitar and they are not always actually in stock - we will endeavour to have one at all times but ring ahead to be sure - this guitar is absolutely perfect for the player who would like to use the nylon string timbre but requires an instrument that provides more playability and higher access (24 frets on the top two strings). As used in Melbourne by Frank Sablotney (sessions, songwriter), BV and Josh from Malcura, and not a few others. Catching on fast, to try is to buy!! SEE AT MELBOURNE GUITAR SHOW THIS WEEKEND 6/7 Aug

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