German made valve / hybrid amp that has a clean tone with a nice tremolo and a good tone control path. If you have a Dynachord echo you can piggy back it and control the echo from the amp via a din socket. It's is an interesting piece of equipment that is well made and delivers some interesting...

SOLD - now in stock however, are two of this model in the 4 x 10 Hot Rod Version.Both in great condition, one Mex and one USA, watch this space.
One owner - cover - footswitch and manual, USA made - almost like new. these amps are becoming the backbone of blues rock cover and cover bands...

1,995.00 AUD

Great British Tone from this authentic sounding all valve amp. Would make a very good harp amp, and it has spring reverb also. $629 (were $799) and at this price it is a veritable bargain!!

629.00 AUD

Another pocket rocket from the British Isles. All Laney valve (tube) amps continue to be made in England - the home of tone. Twin EL84s and a 10" Alnico speaker give tone to die for and a great reverb also.
Call for stock/price.

1,099.00 AUD

Backbone of the Laney line - modeled on the Classic Vox AC30 and now available with three speaker configurations and all fitted with Celestion speakers. The one pictured at the right is the VC30 II2 . This is the most popular in the range and really does the job with it's one twelve inch...

1,599.00 AUD

Formed in mid '70s by Ex-Fender employees, Music Man Amps were a high grade brand of amplifier made of all American parts. It's what makes these Amps so highly regarded as they are all very well made with the best parts and don't usually break down. This one is over 30 years old and is still...

1,900.00 AUD

The Vox AC30 amps are legendary for being used by some of the most famous '60s British rock bands. The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Queen's Brian May and The Shadows' Hank Marvin all boasted the sound of the Vox AC30. Countless amounts of amps have made there own copy amps (like Orange's AD30) but...

2,500.00 AUD

Big heavy and powerfull, we are putting a fresh set of castors on to facilitate mobility. Great opportunity for a young band that wants a cheap powerfull bass unit. Japanese made and has DI and parametric etc.

450.00 AUD

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