Spring is in the air..... and GP is back on line...........

Our site has been down for ten days or so, also too, our email, so aploogies to one and all, we are now going about refreshing the content and products, and will endeavour to respond to any outstanding emails forthwith. look out for some great guitars and packages, and its never too early for Christmas lay by! In the meantime can I tell you the store is teeming with quality used and vintage guitars. With the smell of spring in the air its time to dust off the git-box and get outside and play, or consider a new purchase to compliment your existing cache. Check out the big sounding Yamaha FG in the shots below, - resplendent in its woodland setting, solid top and gorgeous looking, wonderfully dried out with age, and positively cannon like, tone and,volume wise. This 35 year old beauty will surpass any new guitar of similar price, and at $650 it maybe considered a bargain.

Mustang Tele

Pete Le Pages magnificent 1965 Fender - sorry Ford Mustang, pictured with two fantastic Telecasters - Custom and Thinline - both from the same period as Pete's Mustang.

What's the connection ?

Here is the vehicle in which you may cadge a ride home from our local bar - The Hobson Stores - known locally as Hobsons - gold coin donation or similar - an authentic London Taxi cab. In front is a replica of Ronnie Woods Zemaitis disc front made by Greco. We are doing car themed photos to show off some interesting axes and celebrate the start of the F1 season right here in Melbourne. That's a shot of Woody playing his in the Faces - used it a lot in the Stones too. Connection is that the cab and the guitar are from the Rock capital of the world - London. Well the Greco is a very good copy of a London designed.

Fast guitar - fast car

SOLD We borrowed our neighbours Lamborghini to show off this magnificent Ibanez neck thru RG style axe. It's a 2009 RGT 42 DXFM and a mighty fine piece of kit it is - expertly set up by a Ballarat luthier and in as new condition this a great example of the genre and at $795 in case it represents great buying, and yes I have driven the Lambo (thanks Vic) and it is very exhilarating ! SOLD

Lefties Galore


No we have not got the photos back to front!! Guitars Plus has an unusually large range of left handed guitars - about twenty all together - including these three beauties; l-r , Parker Fly, Edwards Les Paul and Epiphone Korina Explorer. They are all in beautiful pre loved condition and all ready to play. More details on request, but there are, as well as the ones pictured, two Tokai Japanese Les Paul's, four Strats, several acoustics and a Line 6 Variax. Don't ring about Telecasters guys 'cos there is none!!

Les Paul Customs

Guitars Plus have two fantastic examples of Gibson's premier Les Paul model to offer. At the top is a 1983 Custom with a factory fitted Kahler (branded Gibson) vibrato system fitted. One owner since about 1988 and now 30 years old, this 1980s iconic guitar has been serviced and set up and ready for a new home. Works incredibly well and would suit a covers band or a metal player that wants the fat creamy found associated with this kind of guitar but would like the shimmer available with some kind of bar. All original bar the Framptonesque cream pickup surrounds we have fitted, black are now in stock and we can fit these if desired. The other is a Cherry three pickup example from 1976. Both on sale now!! These two beauties black and otherwise are two of about 15 Les Paul Gibson's we have for sale - several Gold Tops, a Les Paul Signature and a particularly nice 1974 Standard, this being the first year of the proper Standard re-introduction. More photos soon or email for specific requirements. STOP PRESS - JIMMY PAGE LES PAUL CUSTOM # 471 - JPC serial # (Jimmy Page Custom). Unusual pick up selector switch unique to this guitar - and Bigsby factory fitted of course. Photos up soon.

Les Pauls @ Guitars Plus

From Left to right, Jimmy Page Gibson,, Edwards Les Paul from Japan, and a very cool Dark Fire that the shop has recently sold. Always let us know if you seek something special - you'd be amazed at the amount of guitars the store sells that never go on our site.


Guitars Plus is 31 years this year (8th November 1982 we opened as Musical Repair & Trading Co.) Chris Voce and Ross Nicol along with Ray Luckhurst a friend of Chris's also from London, started it all up and changed the name in about 1991 to Guitars Plus. Arriva Derci Ross - who is returning to his native New Zealand later this year, it will be the passing of an era when Abbey Sound shuts its doors soon. This is a shot of Chris playing his Edwards Strat (an Eric Clapton Blackie copy) at a Two Dogs gig. Chris and Ross played in the Davey Bros band back in the eighties when this business was established, and Chris continues to gig around the Bayside area today, together with John Benfield, John worked for Roland in the 1980s and was the first rep to visit our store. I can't remember the first guitar we sold, but I can remember the first Gibson - a 1975 Les Paul Special, and the first Fender was a 1968 Candy Apple Red Strat. Thanks to all our many local - and not so local - regular clients and customers, and there isn't a day goes by without meeting a new customer, with a guitar problem, or to come and buy one. We have three generations of customers in the one family around this neck of the woods 30 years is a long time, so our appreciation goes out to all of you. Thanks too to all our many suppliers over the years, especially Sid West, Lamberti Brothers, Jade Sound and Maton Guitars, and also to past employees- too many to name but stand out contributions from Paul Howett, Ray Luckurst, Dan's Hobson, Zylinski, and Hawley and Neale Farnelle Thanks to one and all,


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