FATHERS DAY ~ Gifts for hard to buy for guitar playing Dads

We have two fantastic ideas for next Sunday's Fathers Day, aside from attending our Two Dogs Band gig at Pirates Tavern in Willi, of course. First is our rather eye catching instrument clocks. These are made from old guitars, banjos and mandolins that cannot be used anymore. They'll look good on the study,music den or bar. Most are individual and unique, some are factory made.Prices around $100 - $150. Secondly our, so called Swiss Army Knife for guitarists. It's a cool gadget that is a capo, tuner and pick holder all in one easy to use unit. Tuner works A1 as a headstock tuner when not deployed in capo mode. Dad is unlikely to have one of those as they are fairly new on the market, and not stocked by many stores. $45

Two Dogs at Pirates Tavern on Fathers Day ~ This Sunday

Watch out Jim lad and batten down the hatches 'cos the Two Dogs Band are back in Williamstown on Farrrthers Day. Playing Rock for all the dad's and any other scurvy dogs that attend, plenty of rum available at the bar, and Chris and his band of high seas drifters will be starting at 2pm with some sea shanties and songs of a nautical and pirate flavour, followed by a couple of sets of their own brand of seventies Rock. As advertised on 3 triple RRR. Landlubbers welcome.

Andy Fraser

Two of rocks finest and most influential bass players. Andy with Jack Bruce
Two Andy Fraser style basses for sale @ Guitars Plus

We heard Monday morning that the bass player from Free, Andy Fraser, had died in California. Andy had a long musical career after Free, Sharks and the Andy Fraser Band - along with several sucessfull songwriting credits for the likes of Robert Palmer, Joe Cocker, Frankie Miller amongst many others. More recently Joe Bonnamassa has been singing his praises and has appeared with Andy playing his and Andys songs. Chris Spedding reckons Andy is the best bass player he had ever worked wirh . If you visit our store over the next few weeks you'll hear and see the music of Andy Fraser. RIP Andy. Photos show Andy Fraser with Jack Bruce, and below two Andy Fraser style basses - a jap EB3 Gibson copy and 1964 Gibson EB2 - Andy called his 'Dobbin' ! ( old faithful )


Marc Bolan using an HH Amp, as well as Vamp, and Zemaitis guitar - all UK made
HH IC100S with Satge & Studio settings at Guitars Plus Melbourne

Interesting amps in stock at the minute include a 1973 Marshall Super Lead and an early 1970s HH IC100S head. HH were made in Cambridge, England, and were used by many Brit bands, including T.Rex, Stray and the Sweet, later Eddie Van Halen used HH power amps in his 5150 studio.They were considered state of the art back then and looked pretty cool on stage with their pale green neon lights that lit up when you turned them on. This writer remembers being quite impressed when they hit the London stages in the early seventies. This would be great for a 'Melody Lords' type band as this is what many 1970s Glam Rock bands used. Also in stock at present are is a Music Man RD110 Fifty, this one is a minter and is a big sound in a small package, has owners manual and original foot switch, and is believed to be a two owner amp, this jem is also from the 1970s, certainly the best decade in the history of rock music one might say?

Vintage and Rare Guitars NEW PIECES

Due to skeleton staff (thin and bony ) and time constraints, we have decided to list new items that may be of interest, if you are keen on knowing more email the shop or text to 0411 102 625 and we'll forward more details and pictures directly to your device.

Fender John Mayer Strat, as new, Fender not making these any more so if you want one this could be it.

1974 Martin D35 ~ 31 years old and a true modern classic - beautiful to behold and a loud and projective tone, all original with original case to boot $3500, if our dollar keeps heading south we may have to rejig all of our vintage and used items .

2010 Gibson ES 335 sunburst / flame - perfect action - Memphis factory. $3900

1995 Gibson ES335 - cherry / flame, nice example - non original case, everything else spot on. $2900 Nashville factory

Epiphone Masterbuilt 1961 Casino replica. Beautiful guitar - both P90s together work as humbucker, like the Beatles style but with the earlier headstock shape - original hard case and certificate. Lovely piece and we all keep grabbing it for a lunchtime fang. $1395 SOLD

Les Paul Custom three pickup all mahogany body, RI ( recent issue ) great opportunity as these don't come up too much . It's the VOS finnish and plays great .

1976 Gibson Explorer, first year of reissue, light body - perfect condition original case. Mahogany - no mods or issues, normal play wear..Lots of interest in this and it'll be out the door soon unless you move.

1966 Martin GT70 Hollowbody - twin De Armonds - YES - a Martin electric hollowbody - Gretsch like in sound and a funky look. Very Rare - possibly the only one in the southern hemisphere.

1983 Yamaha SG3000 - top of the line - very rare, only ever seen one before, endless sustain - unleash your inner Carlos. Metallic Black all original.

1997 Fender Telecaster Plus - Red Sunburst over figured ash body, all original and yes folks this is the Johnny Greenwood type., except it has three s/c Lace Sensors instead of Mr Greenwoods bridge three piece humbucker. All you ( or we ) need to do is add the killswitch. These go for over 3K in USA, this one a bit less!

2000 Les Paul Standard, tobacco burst and a good one this , lovely smooth action and big fat sounding pickups. Unusual gold tulip Grovers that appear to be original. Nicely played in, thus one and worth a look.

2015 Paul Reed Smith 408 - mint and cased, light and a joy to play - dark charcoal 'burst.

2006 Paul Reed Smith SC 250 10 Top with Birds - now discontinued and a great opportunity. This one is a gem and has all the attributes of this legendary US maker, awesome.
Gretsch Roc Jet 1979 in rare 'Porsche Pumpkin' orange - 1979 was pretty well the last year of American production - too cool for school is this beauty ! SOLD

Rickenbacker 330 12st in Jetglow - this one is a perfect specimen in every respect.

Gibson Flying V 50th Anniversary - Guitar of Month Feb 2008 possibly the most stunning V we've ever had - and we've handled some beauties. Flame top and chamfered edges make it stand out SOLD

Gibson ES175D - 2003 - getting scarce on the used market - several lookers already move fast if you're after one of these.

Fender Telcaster Custom 1978 - right in the heart of Keef Country - great condish - if a little heavy

Handmade Canadian's

All things Canadian - Morgans plus Garrison & Godin Artisan

We are now selling Morgan guitars, hand made by David Iaonne in Canada, these all solid guitars are remarkable instruments and very single person who has played one cannot believe the tone, volume and resonance of these exquisite guitars. We have three in stock at the moment Concert, Dreadnought and OOO. Prices around 5-6K and worth every dollar! Coincidently we have in stock another Canadian guitar from the other side of that vast country, a Garrison from 2002 - all solid Canadian birch and and sides and solid Sitka spruce top. Thee innovative guitars were only built for about 4-5 years before being taken over by Gibson, for whom they only lasted about another year! The main feature of these guitars was their innovative brace one piece - pre fabricated plastic former - upon which all solid timber panels were fitted. A way of introducing a low cost all solid timber guitar. Good idea - this one sound great and for under a G with a hard case and Fishman it makes a great buy and and intersecting historical sidebar to Guitarchaelogy.

Before and after - Tip of the Month

One of the mothers who come by the shop dropping off and picking up her boys for guitar lessons, is a very keen photographer and spotted me fixing up a dilapidated old Lap Steel (coming to the website you are currently viewing very soon) and asked if she could take some shots as she was keen to follow its restoration. So she did and we will post the results soon, in the meantime here is a before and after of a fret dress I did recently on a clients mandolin. This a pretty extreme example but all fretted instruments wear at varying degrees. To have your frets even and correctly crowned can do wonders for your intonation, string longevity and playability all round . Also observe closely your fingerboard, if there are pits and troughs adjacent to where you fret your favourite chord shapes you may find that your nails are too long and they dig into the wood - it doesn't take long with softer woods - but can even mar ebony. Take the time to clean your hands and keep your nails on your left hand short - your instrument, your strings and your bandmates or musical partners will thank you for it! A full fret dress - including servicing the guitar and all adjustments, truss rod, intonation body and neck clean together with lubricating any mechanical parts and feeding the fingerboard with some citrus or cedar oil will cost around $160 - $175 inc strings and case clean ! Form an orderly queue here!

Mustang Tele

Pete Le Pages magnificent 1965 Fender - sorry Ford Mustang, pictured with two fantastic Telecasters - Custom and Thinline - both from the same period as Pete's Mustang.

What's the connection ?

Here is the vehicle in which you may cadge a ride home from our local bar - The Hobson Stores - known locally as Hobsons - gold coin donation or similar - an authentic London Taxi cab. In front is a replica of Ronnie Woods Zemaitis disc front made by Greco. We are doing car themed photos to show off some interesting axes, together with complimentary cars that are around our locale. That's a shot of Woody playing his in the Faces - used it a lot in the Stones too. Connection is that the cab and the guitar are from the Rock capital of the world - London. Well the Greco is a very good copy of a London designed guitar - namely Zemaitis Tony Zemaitis was a luthier to the stars - literally ; his clientele included Ronnie Wood, Ronnie Lane, George Harrison, Marc Bolan, brothers Robinson (Black Crowes), Donovan Leitch, Eric Clapton and Keith Richards. Tony worked out of a fairly modest workshop in Chatham, Kent, a place in which my father ,was working in the nineties, and whilst visiting my dad I also was lucky enough to spend an afternoon with Tony. Many stories were told and although he kindly offered to make me a guitar, even drawing around my hand in order to facilitate bespoke neck carving, I had to decline owing to not having as deep pockets as his afore mentioned clientele !! We have a genuine example of his work for sale, interested parties should contact the store, details will be posted shortly.

Fast guitar - fast car

SOLD We borrowed our neighbours Lamborghini to show off this magnificent Ibanez neck thru RG style axe. It's a 2009 RGT 42 DXFM and a mighty fine piece of kit it is - expertly set up by a Ballarat luthier and in as new condition this a great example of the genre and at $795 in case it represents great buying, and yes I have driven the Lambo (thanks Vic) and it is very exhilarating ! SOLD


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